REGRET- The Feeling Afterwards

Warning Danger! You’re just wasting your time reading this piece, would you not regret when you just discover out there is no meaning in it? Now don’t be a ridiculous for just reading the first sentence, you won’t for if you complete the reading. Don’t watch that moving clock on the wall for you may regret wasting that time looking at the time. Time is all makes us to feel sorry for what we have done that you shouldn't have that time. But who has the capability foresee the future so you have no regrets while you are living. It would not be an enormous thing that you regret at but its regret after all that counts.  Have you not regretted for anything till today? Just try to make a flashback panorama but for some evoking those moments may be dangerous for you may go emotional breakdown.

You regret for doing or not doing something, which is a great thing you do. How? You grow wiser and now you make out that the actions of yours you felt right that time were actually not. You would not carry out the same act it again thus you’re on the right track. So you learn the way of life from regretting. For instance you see Sir Thomas Alva Edison who failed many time while doing his work did not give up and regretted after a try, that he did the wrong way but he just knew that was a just not a right way to do. But his hope did not end there but he proceeded to next step to achieve his goal. It develops hope for better and drags us to our goal. It’s true that regret comes with failure to achieve something but they are not always bounded together as a package. With it also comes hope for a better resolution and a better way.

“You would regret for doing this.” This is what we usually get to hear when there is a misunderstanding between someone. Even the cigarette packet also comes with a warning so we do warn that person before it really happens to that person. But who knows that those words were to make the other person to making him or her aware that it’s wrong what he or she is actually doing. Sometimes people regret to that extend where they end up give up everything and go to a huge depression because they can all do is just sit somewhere and regret. That’s not the end but the problem starts after. Thought of giving up, destruction, anger, finding a wrong way to deal it and even suicide at extremes would explode but your life isn’t a child’s play. So doing all those self destructive activities would be of immense stupidity. 

“We speak out without thinking so often and we would apologize for what we said afterwards. Some get along with some bad habits so easily and later fall there only without a way out. Some take interpretation of someone’s action and end up creating a big mess. These all acts would finally end up in you making you regret if the other person was right. You owe a sorry for that person without a big issue. And there after feeling of awkwardness and uneasiness would develop between the two. It’s sometimes you take your friend for a party and in return you feel sorry that you brought that person. This is usually the problem of adolescence age because of their easy go nature.” This is what my companion told me when I inquired him about what he feels when I spoke the word regret.
You won’t feel for getting a distinction in your academic performance for sure but for failing you would for sure. You won’t fail if you did well during your days of studying. If it doesn’t go right doesn’t mean you turn left and walk the other way. And regretting for not studying the whole semester doesn’t promote your result but starting to make things right at that moment only would do. It may be the previous time your promise to “Start studying from tomorrow” never came until you were knocked down by the exams or maybe you were rather involved in some other activities for most of your time. Next day is your exam regretting what you actually have been doing till now. You come to know you which way to follow now to clear up the exams, the only way to get closer to achieve your goals of what you’re in becoming.

You might have bought clothes for yourself and your mates compliment there. In a horrible way I mean, like “You look like a joker or you have a good sense of buying clothes for old people” you would regret for paying for those attire that were not even worth wearing. And from next time you ask your friend to assist you in doing your shopping, so this way you learn. You end up fighting with a guy of your class and you are surrounded by a crowd of students now. You would be really embarrassed when their eyes watch you. You don’t even know what to speak and what to do. For this you would be disappointed if you could not satisfy the crowd. It’s not about the fight you won but did you really do good fighting. You would regret later but not at that moment for you increased your enmity by one in the world.

We may even regret for saying single word “Hello” to someone. You come to know that person and you’re attracted to that person that person pleases you with his/her charm. For the youth today being loved by someone of your age and of opposite sex has become a trend. In the other words we say “having a boyfriend /girlfriend” is of no regret until your love leaves you one day. We really like to have the flashback then and you regret your first meeting and saying hello, your first talk, your first call, and the later thing which you have put effort in pleasing that person wasting all your time. You reflect what if you never met that someone who was to leave you leaving you so depressed that you give up on true love and sometimes even scarier things. You don’t learn not to love but when, how and whom to love starting that moment and grow matured in thoughts.

You can’t change your present by regretting the future acts neither you can move past and change it to make better present but you can really change the future. But it’s always better if you think over before enacting to your thoughts for you see your future if you analyze appropriately the consequences of your act. “Regret comes after action.” This is how it is said and if you would regret before any action you would never make mistakes so you would never learn from our mistakes. Standing at the edge, standing alone and regretting and crying over the past won’t make everything well but walking forward steps do though it’s difficult. At the end what it really matters is not to regret for “not living your life”.
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