Why did I choose Nursing as my profession?

I know i never wanted to become a nurse in my life but i don't have control of the path that my life takes me through. i had walked a the way from my childhood till I completed my higher secondary education thinking that life would be as i thought when I was in childhood but did it never happen. When I got my result I was Happy that atleast I passed the examination with satisfactory mark. And the time came when i went to orientation to select my professional studies and as I was thinking that I before that life is ass easy as playing in water with the stones. But when it was for me to select Nursing as my profession I just did it by closing my eyes and as if I was blind and didn't know what was the real life beyond the nursing career. Actually what I aimed was just a dream as saying goes "Aim the star and you will land on the moon."

But when I was finally in my college days I just knew that there was nothing to learn in the field of nursing and whatever I studied in my higher secondary standard was the repeatation of the same. I have no interest in learning the same thing over and again. I just thought to quit once but its impossible now. I always wanted to learn a new thing everyday but its jus a bullshit sitting the lecture classes and listening the same thing.

For the above reason I don't feel like studying and just think why didn't I choose my career according to my passion and interest? but it's no use regreting over the past, so just have to go as life teaches a new lesson everyday. If I had little interest in my studies during my school days I would have never laned here nor I had to update my blog. I have to go down my whole life with a stuf called as nursing and from now only if i stared unliking it I don't know how I'm going to live with my whole life. But there is no problem in givinhg a chance to live and live with a purpose.

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