How is life without Hope?

Did you ever live a day without a hope of doing anything? Did you ever think of creating your own world in your own mind? This is wat everyone tries when he or she has lost all the hopes of life and feels there is no reason for him to live in this word.

I was hopping to get enrolled in MBBS but what happened to it. It just went as dream and hope nobody know it because dreams are personal. I had no way to change the way my fate was written. But the only thing that keeps us alive is HOPE.

I didn't know until I feel from my bed to see myself lying on the floor after I had a scary dream that our mind is afraid even when we are asleep, so why doesn't it be when we are awake. I don't much of my past but more of the future and all this keeps me haunting. Does life ever gives opportunity to live? If yes then why can't I crab it and sallow then and there. Is it just beacause I am little afraid to live. No its not the answar its jus that I don't have interest in this wild world. But nevertheless I have no other option than to continue as it is.....

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