And You Need to Continue a New Sentence of Life.

“Shut up dude she’s just a friend.”
“Who is talking about the Stanger man, I know you better than her.”
“Her?(With a big question mark brand of expression) Who the hell is she now?”
“Oh come on dude why are your pretending when you like her.(With a phony smile) What’s there in speaking out to me at least”
“Hey dude did you sip this early today?”
“Nah, what happened you need a drink? (Pause)To express what you feel to her?”
(Chocking) “Wait a minute man.(Chocks Again) Are you mad?”
“No but you are mad at her, right?”
“Forget it man. Don’t waste your energy and time. Me and mad! That’s also the way you say “For her”, as if you can read my mind”
“Never mind I read it. (Speaks in love tone as if he’s serious) If you really feel it just go. Let her know.”
“Probably go to hell and tell that I have come voluntarily to the master devil, right dude?”
“No man. (Still serious) She’s not a devil. Are you afraid of denial? (Looks at me) Oh come on dude dial the number. Forget it; I’ll do it as your muscles won’t work in this type of situations”
“Better go to hell than to do this blow job man. Don’t ruin my status yap. (Thinks inside ‘which I don’t have’)”
“At least I’m confirmed you like her. Now it’s your job do it if you’re a man”
“Man? (With a smile which bears a little pain) Man Yeah!  Man! (Leaves the atmosphere)
“Hey dude I haven’t completed. Where are you leaving? (Door shuts) At least take these noodles. Oh he’s gone” (Happy! Thinks I’m going to take all)

What happened to that guy? Why did he leave? Doesn’t he like to be called a “Man”? The friend who was having the conversation would probably think he’s not hungry. If someone was listening to their conversation he would predict that he was heated with that fellow mate. Some may never stop laughing.

He leaves and straightly goes out somewhere and returns back with a smiling face. The friends ask about his whereabouts just to get “outside” as answer. So wired is the silence that follows with exchange of only the mute gestures. And they all laugh teasing him pleasantly. They share their views on his choice and make him what they think as Man. It last for around an hour or less.

When everyone leaves mate looks at him and asks, “Why the hell are you smiling? From the moment you entered the room you’re smiling.”
“Why? Am I not supposed to smile?”
“Ah! Not like that yeah. Just give me a reason.”(As if I never smiled before)
“I got what I wanted man”
Wooo! Wait man, what did you just say? You told her?” (Jumps off his bed to hug but…) 
(Puzzled) “Tell what? Was I to say anything to anyone? Dude I mean I got my new cell phone ok. So I could occupy myself with music when I get bored”
“Oh My god! That’s the reason for this smile. Nothing can happen to you dude. At least let me have a look at you dummy cell phone.”
“Where is my share of noodles man. Hope it didn’t fill up your tummy.”
“Sorry man I thought you won’t eat unless you are starving so I had it all.”
“Never mind at least I can understand your tummy.”

How was the friend supposed to conclude that he went to express himself to a girl whom he doesn’t know? But if you go to flashback and see the action sequences were as follow: He gets out of the room and dials her number. When she answered he asked her to go with him as a friend to buy a cell phone for him. Then they lunch out at a restaurant and visit a park. That becomes a reason for him to smile.

The Conversation
“Who in this world may not think that world is revolving around him and he is the center of all the problems.  Guess what your condition would be if you were given a responsibility to take the weight of all the problems in the world on your shoulder. Oh that’s too huge to mention.” He reads the piece quoted above and snoozes off. His friend checks his call log and finds the talk duration of thirty five minutes. He leaves with a huge smile on his cleanly shaved face.

A call last for the duration of on at least one hour and sometimes extends up two also. The duration reading appears 01:50:45 on the log. Special recharge and daily recharge may extent your pocket bill. Some friends give a wired look as if he’s wasting his wealth for thumbs down reason. But this is the way of life any life is the way we live. These things continue until a huge full stop lands upon it and you need to continue a new sentence of life. Some written pages on your mind may have to be deleted or modified to start over again. No sentiments over broken relationships. Just ignore who wants to be left behind and walk your path then see who dares to touch you. Not even your shadow. Open up your mind, breath out loud say thank you and leave the faulty path and to walk the same again.

“Hey! Are you still sleeping? It’s time for your class.”(Friend wakes him next morning)
(Half opened eyes) “OMG! What’s the time?”
“Forget it, you’re already late. Anyway how was the dream?”
“What? What are you talking about?” (Looking at his face as if friend too had the same dream)
“You probably have dreamt about her only. Or did you break up in your dreams?”
(Thinks: Was he watching my dreams?) “Stop your nonsense dude. Don’t talk like you conducted my dreams.”
“Yeah I did. You didn’t have neural control over your muscles yesterday.”
“You mean I was drunk?”(Eyes wide open as if his friend did something silly)
“Not that much. But I had to clean the whole floor.”
“Sorry dude. You started it with a tease and now I ended it making you to clean my throw up.”
“Never mind, just move on. It’s never too late to make another move of life”

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