The Memories- Where They Come From?

It has been more than a year now and still wondering how to make best memories of this period of life. But still I don't lack them all. And no dementia at least, I can retain information well. But sometimes wish there existed nothing called as memories when it comes to facing the disagreeable ones. But I them, so I can turn back standing at the end of life and grin with utterance of words not more than ''stupid''. Sorry I am not making a movie but I’m living my life but if presented in cinema it would be a perfect blockbuster at least to me. Full of life and still the best lessons learned every day. It’s a comedy, romantic, horror, adventure, some actions and overall a pure nonfiction cinematography.

Every Step forward is a Learning step.
I always wondered how my college life would be back at home. Recalling it back what I thought was, many friends, sleepless nights of studies of course, a crazy girlfriend, and much of a serious type but all attached with the word fun. But here it's all of joke, a perfect comedy. When memories become a joke then you can't stop laughing at your own life. Back at my school hours when I was out of my classroom watching the guys making a huge laugh in a group, I use to think they’re going to miss that laugh someday and I do mine today. Everything changes when you jump from a simple and nurtured school life to a wild college life. Even your name does and you wanted to be called by some super heroic name that you give it to yourself then. “Hi I’m Tshering Namgay and you can call me Gigsel.” Why should I call that?

Now here at the college, life is not a merely a child’s play but much more. Many friends but all under the mask, sleepless nights but no studies, a crazy girlfriend but heartless, a perfect relationship but without feelings, a day start with a pull instead of sip, belly always full but stomach still growls, everything funny but no laughter. Awesome college with seldom visit, friendly people around but useless, smiling friends but with a hidden truth deep in mind, best hostel room but without a broom, a foreign lavatory without a washing piece and finally a lather wallet worth Rs. 1000 but always empty. “What is the breakfast today?” I would ask my friends with half closed eyes. The answer would be, “I had some nicotine for now but let’s walk up and check it out. Come

The moments of Joy.
And that empty wallet always brings tears to my eyes when I look at it. Where do my entire amount go, I never bought anything with that amount. Always prefer to grasp special items in the mess but bills unpaid for months. Where do all the amounts go? This is still an area of research for some of my mates but no more to me. As soon as the amount comes the canteen bill is cleared first, then the borrowed amount to friends and a hangout with girlfriend out for one day is enough to end the calculations. There after the same cycle repeats till it comes to next time when you get some penny from your parents. There is a long pause in a relationship, no outings, no gifts and no interactions after a while.

But out of these many are useless to mention also. Since distance from home makes you to long love from a special person and that also some hang up choosing the wrong ones. We miss out parents and their love, so for a growing person in a college it's not a hidden truth that they want to be in a relationship. Whatever kind it may be but everyone needs a one who scolds like a dad and cares like mom and loves you back like heaven. Heaven! That’s too much to say for now at least pretend like loving till the course ends and with some long pauses in between.

Finally when it comes for each day to end there would be a lot of things to rewind and look over. Each day would pass like a rocket in the clear sky and still we have these memories of short days forever written. Luckily I am not provided with a “Reset Button” which I would love to press when it came to the undesirable memories. When I look at the calendar a year has passed but when I watch it with what I have done I feel like a day. Here we stand and we look back just to see where I came from and how. If you have get a smile on your face then it's for sure you had the best days. It's like do it now or never. best thing always come in package, never alone.
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